Work with Us

Outreach & Engagement Specialist

About MuseumDev
MuseumDev provides high-quality learning opportunities to museum workers across the globe. Our asynchronous online courses are taught by experts in the field.

We are committed to supporting the museum labor force through accessible, affordable professional development. We are passionate about justice and equity in all aspects of museum work.

The Job
Your primary focus will be to attract new students to MuseumDev. You will also:
  • support and engage with our community of existing students and instructors.
  • build relationships with and offer value to the broader museum profession
Accomplishing these goals will involve:
  • Connecting with professional organizations, listservs, conferences, social media groups/forums, museum managers, and more
  • Managing and implementing an outreach calendar
  • Creating content for, posting, and interacting with others on our social media accounts
  • Writing and sending our email newsletter
  • Soliciting feedback and testimonials from our students
  • Completing research tasks and organizing findings
  • Contributing to MuseumDev’s strategy and vision for growth
Success looks like:
  • increasing student enrollment
  • growing organic social media followers and newsletter subscribers
  • improving content engagement
We’re Looking for Someone Who
  • is professionally active in the museum field
  • has interesting, relevant thoughts about issues in the profession
  • maintains a friendly and engaging voice in online conversation
  • can craft concise, smart, attention-getting writing
  • has a good eye for using images and design templates
  • produces detailed, comprehensive, and organized research
  • is on time and consistent

We currently use Moodle, Shopify, Google Sheets and Forms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Mailchimp, Trello, and Clockify. Familiarity with any of these services is a plus, but you mostly just need to be willing to learn.

Why Work with Us?
You are excited to help museum professionals across the globe connect, learn, and grow. You want to join an innovative and nimble team where your voice, ideas, and contributions will be sought after and valued.

Job Details
Location: This position is entirely remote.
Employment Type: Independent Contractor (W9)
Rate: $15/hour
Time Commitment: Part-time (10 hours per week)
Closing date: December 2, 2020 at 11:59 Pacific

How to Apply
Email with the subject line “OUTREACH: [Your Last Name]”

Attach 3 PDFs of:
  • Resume (2 pages max)
  • Cover letter that tells us why you’d be a great fit for this role (1 page max)
  • Short essay answering the question “What are three ways the profession is changing and how can museum workers adapt?” (250 words max)