Writing for Exhibits

Through practical lessons, personal coaching, and expert feedback, students leave this course having created well-written exhibition text that is ready to engage diverse audiences.

This course is helpful for anyone looking to:

  • Start a new exhibit
  • Create a portfolio piece
  • Improve an existing exhibit
  • Get feedback on an exhibit in the works

Course Dates:
August 5, 2024 - September 1, 2024

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Students love Writing for Exhibits because of the extensive, “personal,” “insightful,” and “prompt” feedback received each week. 

Former students also find the assignments are relevant, practical, and actionable:

“I am walking away from the course with something I can actually use.” 

This course “will have a direct, beneficial impact on my exhibition work going forward.”

One student even wrote: “I’ll be using Katy’s notes on my writing for the rest of my career.”

Exhibits can be tough! 

Many people find themselves:

  • Overwhelmed with the enormity of the process

  • Frustrated trying to fit so much into so little space

  • Confused about how to strike the right tone

  • Stuck on what it is you’re really trying to say

  • Exhausted trying to get collaborators on the same page

  • Struggling to connect with a diverse range of visitors

  • Losing the fight for attention with visitors’ phones

  • Unsure how to take an idea from okay to good to great

This course can help.

You'll gain the skills and confidence to:

  • Craft clear, concise, compelling exhibit text 

  • Produce inclusive, engaging, original exhibits

  • Unify collaborators around a shared vision

  • Foster meaningful and memorable visitor experiences

By the end of the course, you will:

  1. Develop an exhibition brief based on a “big idea.”

  2. Understand the social dynamics of museum going. 

  3. Design and write your own:

    • introductory and content panels

    • tombstone labels

    • wall quotes

    • other descriptive text

  1. Complete a fully copy-edited script ready to use in an exhibition or add to your portfolio.

How it works

In this four-week, cohort-based, asynchronous course, you can:

  • Work entirely on your own schedule

  • Access our easy-to-use online platform from anywhere in the world

  • Get personalized guidance and answers from your expert instructor

  • Engage with other students and learn from their projects and challenges

  • Revisit course materials after the class is over anytime you want a refresher

You should expect to spend 4 hours per week (16 total) on this course.

Scaffolded assignments build on each other each week.

No Questions-Asked Drop Period: 

Something else came up? This class isn’t for you?

We offer full refunds within the first 3 days, and partial refunds within the first week.

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August 5, 2024 - September 1, 2024

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About the Instructor

Kathryn Lasdow (PhD in History, Columbia University) is Assistant Professor of History and Director of the Public History concentration at Suffolk University. 

Katy’s teaching has been recognized for its emphasis on experiential learning, community outreach, and inclusive pedagogy that acknowledges the perspectives and experiences of historically underrepresented groups. 

She has worked as an educator, researcher, and curator at the Brooklyn Historical Society, Boston Public Library's Leventhal Map Center, the Historic American Buildings Survey, the White House Historical Association, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and the Museum of the City of New York. 

Katy was a National Endowment for the Humanities Long-Term Fellow and has received research funding from the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, the Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, and George Washington's Mount Vernon.

Comments from Past Students

High-Quality Content

  • “The class was incredibly structured with a very informative and interesting project. No busy work just to fill time. Everything was planned and intentional.”
  • “The course content was really detailed and exactly what I wanted to learn about. The workbook exercises were efficient and useful, and I valued getting feedback on work I can use again in my professional life.” 

Real-World Application 

  • "It was so valuable having an instructor review and provide feedback on text I will be using in an actual exhibit.”
  • “Using my own exhibition idea as the practicum for this class was the best for me. It kept me engaged with the ideas of the course in relationship to an exhibition that I was developing.”

At Any Stage of Your Career

  • “I believe this class is well-suited for both students and professionals.”
  • “I had taken a class in Exhibit Design while getting my MA seven or eight years ago. This was a great refresher. I very much appreciated the organizational techniques and the instructor's feedback on my writing. I will recommend this class to others.” 
  • “Although I have been in the public history field for almost 20 years, much of this information was new to me.”

Diverse Examples

  • “I loved how the course included such a diversity of museums/exhibits as examples to demonstrate course content in practice.“
  • “I liked the different types of materials she supplied, from lectures to readings to TED Talks.”

Online Experience

  • “This was my first experience with such an online course, and I had some initial apprehension over what the student/instructor dynamic would be like, but Dr. Lasdow assuaged those concerns right off the bat. She had a very positive and approachable demeanor throughout the duration of the course, and I enjoyed our private conversations relating to materials and assignment guidance. I was also very impressed with her detailed feedback on my work, and I have definitely bettered my writing abilities and strategic approach for future museum projects.” 
  • “I have taken similar online classes and I can see the difference.”
  • “The instructor made this online course experience easy with her presence and prompt e-mail responses. The pre-recorded lectures were clear and very easy to understand and follow through.”

About the Instructor

  • “I valued Dr. Lasdow's organized and thorough approach.”
  • “She is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring instructor.”
  • “Very experienced, responsive and attentive instructor.”
  • “Her feedback was very helpful all the way through the course both inside our worksheets and if we needed to email her questions directly about the class. She was always prompt in responding and helpful in her answers.”
  • “The professor was really hands on; all questions were answered and she had insightful comments/critique for our work.”

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August 5, 2024 - September 1, 2024

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Writing for Exhibits